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Complementary Healthcare

Terms And Conditions

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Terms and conditions

This terms and conditions have been made for customer safety and clearance. If you have anything that you do not understand just please ask and make Shure you do understand all the terms and conditions before you make any purchase, because when you have paid you have accepted this terms and conditions as well.

To who this contract is been made:

1.       This terms and conditions have made between the shopkeeper complementary healthcare professional (Minja Zeus ) in Abundante Salud shop and with the customer who is making the purchase from the shop.

2.       This terms and conditions are valid until the terms might change and newly updated the version you can always see directly on the platform (Abundante Salud) (we will change soon address but that one will work later on too)

What is the meaning of complementary healthcare:

3.       This shop and all platform have been made in a way we are activation auto healing proves that we all are capable to cure our symptoms. And all the instructions in Minja Zeus shop and many of our colleagues will use muscle testing so that we are communicating with the subconscious mind and find out what our subconscious the mind needs to heal itself.

What is it like to heal complimentarily:

4.       Remember healing is not easy, you will face all your deepest fears what you have been hiding for all your life, and that will make you want to run. And many customers are running and never been able to face what kind of proclamation they have in their subconscious mind.

5.       Those who will make the effort on really going true their program, will really get the benefits and will begin the healing proses. and they are day by day closing to their targets.

6.       Customer got to understand very clearly that healing is a proses, and that the attitude has all to do within it. Healing may provocate symptoms especially when you have resistance, and this cases your recommendation is to contact a complementary healthcare professional you might need a new treatment if your resistance is preventing the healing proses. (symptoms, for example, like, pain, vomiting, dizziness, tiredness, headache, insomnia etc..)

7.       It is your responsibility to contact your complementary healthcare provider.

Our protocols:

8.       Our is A,B,C + D (see from the book of Comprehensive guide to nature´s sunshine products Steven Horne) A activate, B Build, C Clearance, and D Direct help

And always as pscokinesiology is directed:

ü  applicable clinical test

ü  Common sense (based on knowledge applicable)

ü  Muscle testing (psycokinesiology)

9.       When you have a serious diagnosis like cancer, or when your immune systems strengths have been decreased. You need to be in doctor’s guidance (recommendation is the integrative doctor who does integrative medicine) as well and you are not allowed to do psycokinesiology before the doctor has noticed by clinical studies that there is no cancer anymore. Psycokinesiology is a very strong treatment form even we do muscle testing. It is always better to make the body first stronger and then start the emotional proses. Sometimes there are exceptions that`s why we do muscle test.

10.   Always start your program with first conversation / Exterior analyze, professional in complementary healthcare will make to you the personalized program that muscle testes to you whether it is:

ü  Health test,

ü  MRA- Magnetic resonance analyzer measuring,

ü  Psycokinesiology treatment/analysis,

ü  Deep relaxation

ü  12 chakra mirror treatment meditation etc..

11.   Send all the diagnosis you have been analyzed before to your complimentary healthcare provider immediately when they appear.

Description of complementary healthcare;

12.   Complementary healthcare is not medicine. we do all that we can to remove those damaging programations what there might be created in childhood. (Usually before age 6) very important time is conception until 3 years’ old what will define our theme on our life.

13.   Our subconscious mind has 99-95% power to control our mind like autopilot and your conscious mind have only 1-5% possibility’s to control your thoughts and feelings. So if you do not treat yourself from the subconscious in all the symptoms your healing will work only little or not at all.

14.   This is why its name is complementary healthcare because without you treating your subconscious you will not get results. It is being proven that most medicine or even chirurgic procedures are only working like a placebo. So our mind is controlling that kind of healing when we believe in it.

15.   There are some communions who are taking poison in deadly portions and they do not die, because they believe that God will save them and they don`t die. That kind of testing is not recommendable if you do not have strong believe you can die to the poison. but with this example you`ll understand that your mind is controlling all of your sells, all of your sells has positive voltage inside and outside negative voltage and in total, your body has 70 trillion volts. And this energy body feels our feelings and makes us alive and move. These batteries only listen to one voice and that is the subconscious mind. Do you want to be aware of what kind of proclamations you have there?

16.   Reserve your time to the first conversation without coast or compromise.

Reservation true the platform:

17.   When you are making a reservation of your personal time with a complementary health care provider. you got to pay 30% of a reservation fee. This fee is to secure your time is reserved for you.

18.   Make your reservations 24h before the meeting.

19.   if you do not show up on your time. Your reservation fee will be holed on as payment for the lost meeting. (if there was an accident or you were sick and you have doctors certificate) we can keep the 30 reservation fee for the next meeting. if this happens much time we can keep the 30% fee and deny to give you any reservations more.


20.   When you have paid your all 5 treatments up front you’ll maintain your discount always and you don’t need to ay reservation fee. And you are getting A class service.

21.   Pay your treatment time 24 hours before the meeting otherwise your time could be given to someone else who does pay on time.

22.   This is not a charity page. We have highly appreciated professionals and we do work and get paid.

23.   Payment happens true stipe service, and in EU they will take from money transferring 2,5% and in America more which here more info about this system. You can use Pay pall or payment effective if you are coming face to face treatment.

24.   2,5% of the payment goes to the auditing of the page.

25.   We are not taking payments of the results base but we are selling our precious time.

26.   Since healing is a very personal thing and attitude only you can change. There is just limited possibilities to work for the complementary healthcare professional because it is up to you do you listen; do you follow the instructions.

Overall resume:

27.   Everything you will effect on your health, not just the products you have purchased. Products What are in the pages. Different marks like nature´s sunshine, touch of synergy , synergy, foodin or biocera or forever they all have their own terms and conditions remember to read them too before. 

28.   When you are taking products they might alleviate healing crisis which means for example in the cleaning program. when the dirt and toxins are moving you might feel sick, flu, vomiting headache, etc.. these cases contact your complimentary healthcare provider so that they can guide you to maybe drink more high quality water to eliminate the toxins or maybe decrease using some of the products for a couple of days (these symptoms are not wrong it just explain the toxins are moving) It is not the products that made you sick it is just the moved toxin’s that this product started to move.

29.   This does not mean you`ve got to stop the program this actually proves it is working very well and so that you need it very much because if you stop now your healing will stop as well and toxins keep on cumulating on your system and later they might Couse much more damage like stroke, heart attack.

Customer and complementary health care professional relationship:

30.   It is purely professional both of the parties are using respectful treating for one and to another.

31.   If this is not happening either one of them can stop the treatment program. If this all is really acceptably disrespectful and the judge will be Abundante Salud Team members.

Data protection law:

32.   We will handle with care your data and we do not give your information to the third party.

33.   If it is needed to give your information to an Integrative doctor or so we will always ask permission in writing form from you.

34.   your data will be held behind two locks.

35.   you have any right at any time ask all your data been removed.

36.   Otherwise we will keep your data like billing details so that we can bill you or send your products directly to your home.

37.   Treatment the report you always will get a report after treatment if you want that to removed we can. It is just helpful for your next treatment.

38.   All your pictures of exterior analyze or something like that pictures is your own. You can ask them to be removed whenever is needed or send it out to you. But remember if we lose info and you then it is lost forever.

This is our Terms and conditions read carefully and when you go ahead and buy from Abundante Salud shop you have accepted these terms and conditions.

Created by Minja Zeus Complementary healthcare professional Minja Zeus