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20 ppm includes 100 mcg laboratorio tested colloidial silver
Patented new technology
Quick harmfull patogens kill time.
Highly safe and efective.
Scientifically proved
Low cost
Boosting the immune system.
Completely healthy (non-toxic scientifically proven)
Every homes product!


7 Reasons to Use Silver Sheld118ml + 26 Ways to Use It!

Silver: Fights against pathogens

It is no secret that viruses, bacteria and fungi cause an incredible amount of destruction in the human body. Thousands of illnesses – starting with a common cold that can progress to dysentery and meningitis and pneumonia.

Fortunately, there is a simple and safe option. For centuries, silver products have been marketed as pharmaceuticals. The proven patented silver preparations have been in existence since the 1920s. In any case, earlier versions of silver that were generally called – “Colloidal Silvers” – which were generally required to be used abundantly to be effective.

Today, a new and vastly developed silver has been developed and is highly effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold and other pathogens. This kind of silver is often referred to as silver sol (silver sol) or silver solution, which is available as a liquid and gel. It has a nanoscale silver core with a silver oxide coating that maintains its original electrical charge as one of the attributes that Silver Shield has its antimicrobial properties.

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How can Silver Shield help you and your family?

1.New Technology. Numerous studies show that Silver Shield works with hundreds of different fungi, bacteria, viruses and shows that the new Silver Shield (silver technology) is unique and better than the older colloidal and ionized silver in the past. This new technology has made Silver Sol (the silver solution) very effective even in small doses, although it is also safe when used at high doses.

2. Scientifically Proven.160 Laboratory Report and Research with documented Silver Sol benefits. It has been proven that Silver sol solution can destroy 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi or other pathogens tested that the product works in minutes when it is ingested. is proven to be effective against malaria, colds and viral flu, numerous fungi, methicillin-resistant (MRSA), Salmonella, E. coli, and streptococci, including many others.

3. Super-Flexible. The new Silver sheld solutions (solution) can be used in so many different ways. It can be used internally as a liquid, as well as externally in gel form. Silver sheld can also be used for cleaning, which works very effectively as a home disinfectant, such as chlorine or the like is just a safer choice!

4. Quick elimination of harmful. Many drugs such as skin fungicide drugs often require many weeks to work. New Silver sheld solutions only need a few minutes to work. The new Silver sheld patent begins to destroy pathogens in seconds and properly destroys them in direct contact in 2-10 minutes.

5. Affordable. When you calculate how much you pay for your doctor’s visits (you count how much time you are spending). Prescription drugs and other factors related to “normal” health care. Silver Shield has incredible value. Get it without a prescription, it can be used extremely safely for the whole family’s well-being.

6. Emergency Emergency.Since Silver Shield is inorganic and has no added chemicals or additives. It can be stored for years. Some parties have advised storing Silver sheld in their own warehouse when they have to fight against biological warfare.




7. Very safe. Studies, testing and long-term use of Silver Sheld shows that Silver Sheld is safe for everyone, including children, pregnant women and the elderly. Experts estimate that an individual needs to consume 1/2 bottle every day for several years before silver begins to accumulate in the body. There have been no complaints about this issue with Silver sheld Solution. And there are no unpleasant side effects of prescription drugs.

Silver sheldin 26 different ways to use please recover and can do well!




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