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 The courses in English will arrive shortly: 

-The course on pregnancy

-Training of wellness experts

-Management training for magnetic resonance analyzer

-Basic education of feelings

-Health and wellness training related to the topics you choose.


Contact us through the message field and tell us what you are interested so you will effect that course that you want will come out first in yout language..

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I am totally passionate and I love to show people the way to life that is rich in happiness and health. Healing is not easy and I am involved with my clients so as in all the joys in the most difficult emotions. Only when you face the uncomfortable feelings can you begin to feel the true feelings of happiness. However, it is good and your interest that you encounter tricky feelings and traumas with an experienced therapist to get the right kind of guidance and let go of the past to get ahead towards happiness and genuine and total happiness and health. How are all the challenges of life, whether they are economic, health or human-imbalances. Our subconscious thoughts and feelings affect our decisions, and thus our entire life, which is why accurate muscle testing finds exactly the right object where the deepest solutions are and you can receive your dreams in a muscular time. You do the healing yourself and just follow the instructions to get the best results.




Psychokinesiologist, Gardener, Business student graduate, Krav Maga instructor

External Analysis, First Free Talk Time, Wellbeing Test, Amino Acid Analysis, Muscle Testing, Psychokinesiological Analysis

Psykokinesiologia,12 chakran peilimeditaatiohoito, EFT, Ho`oponopono, syvärentoutus,

Self-esteem is a success course, Course on Pregnancy, Basic Emotions, Undergraduate Health Care. lecturing

Minja Zeus

CEO Founder

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