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Take your health into your own hands and let your spirit soar free living the life you always wanted.
We are here to show you how.

Our company provides solutions for all areas of health as well as mental or physical. Very good part is that we can provide solutions and great results for all types of concerns, and with all aged peoples, even with 0-month-old baby or a 100-year-old grandmother, whatever part of the world.

We offer services in three languages Finnish, Spanish and English.

Treatments can also be done by phone, Skype, WhatsApp etc..

The difference between a baby and a grandparent is that a baby has not yet taken its traumas so deep in their limbic nervous system in years, so they are often easier to treat. Older people are so used to the presence of their traumas, that they have accepted them as a part of themselves, so it can take more time to treat it.

Babies and animals are often traumatized by their parents or their owners, for they love their owners and parents so much that many times they take the parents or owners issues for themselves and show symptoms. This is why a treatment for babies and animals is done through their owners or their parents.

Techniques that we use are scientifically proven and that’s why it works for everyone who is committed to the results.

Our company has collected the best techniques, questionnaires, and collaborators for your abundant health.

Clean and ionized water is one of the most important things that you can do of your health, with clean water your body can clean itself and if the water that you drink is absorbed well also the nutrients are absorbed well and if in your water there are minerals to keep your body alkaline what more healthy you will be and it lasts more other errors that cause you acidity that you can do every day without thinking.

We also have knowledge of herbs, nutrients, vitamins, superfoods, Chinese medicine, alternative medicine, essential oils, the essence of flowers, meditations, yoga, psychokinesiology, healing movements etc..

Our service is very abundant in variety because our bodies and human diversity require many different techniques and understanding to receive the best results.

In the first conversation we will map your situation, see where you are at so that we are able to make you a plan you can commit to receive abundant health.

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Discover Abundante salud's Journey

abundante logo
started to practice Krav Maga which was the first form of therapy form
Took Krav Maga instructor course in Spain and i founded nutrition company wich products i started to distribute
Minja Zeus started as nutritional asessor (but the company did not give full education of person anatomy and the products were not natural or good for health so Minja started to look for better solutions)
I have started to keep classes of astanga yoga and deep stretching (meditation)
Founded a company in Finland
Traveled often in Trinidad & Tobago and did some manifestation and result was that I founded Nature´s Sunshine in my life and I really could start studying about anatomy and founded a solution for my own problems of skin digestion and very strong migraine. So strange that others noticed my results and so others started to get awesome results with great natures sunshine products
Changed company name to NSP-Hyvinvointiisi and i started to study (Merconomy profession) i made the studying in my own work). And i did work well in NSP and i won journey to the factory in utah USA´ve got the previledge to meet founders of the company Eugene and Kristene. Youll se also my uplines in the picture.
Certificated as psycokinesiology and i started to be able to help peoples completely not only the physical side but also emotional side and traumas which really prevents our healing process
I´ve became mother. This learning proses have teached me thing completely on whole new level and made me go on my limits and be able to do what i could never belive i could do (Feel invinsible)
Moved in Spain and i created abundante salud name and website by my self..
Abundante Salud name is born and the ideology of the platform (you get all what you need for your health from here) courses, high-quality products, professionals consultation, muscle testing and redirecting you to another professional as well.

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